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We provide any type of golf cart service and maintenance. Whether you need your yearly gas cart tune-up or your cart doesn’t run at all. We have the knowledge and experience to get you the help you need. You can drop your cart off at anytime; repair and maintenance are first come, first serve. We also provide pick up and delivery, as well as service calls.


  • General Golf Cart Repair
  • Gas Cart Tune-Up
  • Electric Cart Service
  • Clean & Condition All Leather and Vinyl
  • Golf Cart Refurbishment
  • Golf Cart Upgrades
  • Cart Jump Offs
  • Charger Check / Repair

We also provide a complementary cart clean with every service!

Save yourself some time by scheduling a service right here. After you submit the form, we’ll be in touch to confirm your service appointment. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

What we offer


Includes an oil change as well as replacement of oil filter, spark plug(s), gas filter(s), and air filter. Check/ adjust tire pressure, tighten and spray battery terminals with protectant. Complimentary wash.


We see it so much. Regular gas from the gas station comes with up to 15% ethanol, which is a small engine’s worst nightmare! If the damage isn’t to server, we can clean out your carburetor and get your cart running smoothly again. And remember, whenever possible, make sure to use non-ethanol gas in your cart!


If you are having issues with your charger, you can bring it by anytime. We’ll make sure it is working properly, and in the case that it is not, we can fix it or if it is not fixable, we can sell you a replacement one.


Includes checking/ adjusting the water level on all your batteries. Making sure that all battery terminals are tight and spraying with protectant. Checking all battery rod tie-downs, plates, cables, and cable ends and notifying a need of replacement. Ensuring all accessories on the cart are wired properly. Check/ adjust tire pressure.


Every spring, we get flooded with calls from customers saying their cart’s aren’t moving. What happens is that the batteries go dead in the winter months of little use. They can go so dead that your charger doesn’t see the correct voltage to turn on. So to fix this, we have to jump the cart off to get the charger to turn on. Remember, it is recommended to always leave your cart on charge when you aren’t using it!


A new golf cart is always great. But sometimes, it just makes sense to bring in your old cart and let us refurbish it! We have endless options to choose from on your cart’s build: new body color, custom upholstery, extended top, Bluetooth stereo, custom wheels, and lift kits; the possibilities are endless!

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