Car Care Tips

Below are tips and suggestions on proper car maintenance that we have put together as a guide to keeping your car looking good and in tip-top shape. If you follow these tips, we guarantee that you will have the cleanest car in town!

Wax Is A Car’s Best Friend

Keeping a coat of wax on your car’s paint is the best way to keep it looking good, but more importantly, it helps protect from water and sun damage. Maintaining your car with a wax from the start will save you time and money later. The best way to maintain your cars paint is to set up a wax schedule to follow:

Hand Wax Your Car Two Times A Year

  • At Bulldog Car Wash, we use a MAGUIRE’S BRAND HAND WAX that will last on a well-kept paint job about 4-6 months depending on how your car is stored.
  • We also have a hand wax where we use a SYNTHETIC PAINT SEALANT, which will last about 8-10 months depending on how your car is stored.
  • The best times during the year to put wax on your car is before the cold sets in for winter, and before the heat sets in for summer.

Use Express Waxes Between Wax Jobs

  • When you get your car washed in between wax jobs, it is still important to apply some kind of express wax to help maintain the coat of hand wax on your car.
  • We have many types of express waxes to choose from depending on how many times you want to wash your car.

Super Express Wax:
This wax comes with our Exterior supreme and Bulldog’s Best and is good for people that wash their cars on a monthly basis.

Triple Wax:
This wax is included in our Shine-and-Protect wash, as well as our Interior Supreme. This Wax is good for customers that get their car washed on a bi-weekly basis.

Rain-X Whole Car Protectant:
The newest of our wax collection, this wax not only helps protect your paint, but also will cause the water to bead up when it rains. This wax lasts up to 30 days and can be added to any wash for only $3!

Watch Out For That Tree!

Parking under a tree can be a great way to shade your car from the hot Georgia sun. BUT WATCH OUT! You want to keep in mind that every time you park under a tree you are risking costly damage to your vehicle. Trees drop tree sap and other harmful ingredients, which are a car’s worst enemy. So we suggest if you want to shade the inside of your car from the sun, go with an alternate method like a windshield visor. Couldn’t avoid the tree? Read our tips below.

  • Any time you do run into problems from parking under a tree, feel free to bring your car in for us to look and give a quote to fix it.
  • In some cases it might just require a small upcharge when you come in for a wash, but depending on how bad it is it might require some sort of detail to get it fixed. So, AVOID TREES AT ALL COST!


If it wasn’t bad enough having to deal with all the bugs on the front of your car, we have some more bad news. Bug’s insides can be very acidic, so when they splatter all over your car, they have the potential to eat through your clear coat. So whenever you get bugs on your car, priority number one should be to get them off! This is one good reason to take advantage of our price friendly exterior car wash packages.

Also after getting a car wash, you can come back within 14 days and get some more of those pesky bugs off by getting the outside done for $3.95!


Water is described as “hard water” when it has a high level of minerals, like calcium or iron deposits. When hard water gets on your paint or windows and evaporates, it leaves what is known as water spots. In the case of your windows, this can sometimes be permanent. All water at Bulldog Car Wash is put through a filtration system so no permanent water spots remain on your vehicle.

  • The two biggest things you will encounter that have hard water are well-water and sprinkler systems.
  • If you already have water spots on your car you can bring your car into our detail shop for a quote to remove them. Removing water spots is a timely and costly process so you want to avoid hard water at all costs.


No matter how well you take care of your car, accidents do happen. When you get a scratch on your car, it might be possible for us to buff it out. So when the unavoidable happens, bring your car in for us to look at it and let you know what can be done.

  • If you have a scratch too deep for us to get out, it is recommended that you put some kind of touch-up paint on it to prevent the exposed metal from rusting.


You always want your car to be able to stop on a dime, but you also want to keep in mind that every time you use your brakes, they are giving off brake dust. This brake dust will land on your wheels, and when it stays on them for a long time it will heat up and bind itself to your wheels. So the longer you wait to clean your wheels, the harder it will be to get the brake dust off, and in some cases it will be nearly impossible.

  • If the brake dust on your wheels gets so bad that a regular car wash won’t do the trick, then you might want to look into getting our Wheel Acid Treatment. This treatment is $5 a wheel and has been proven to get even the worst wheels looking better. To see if this is the right treatment for your car, bring it in and have us look at them.