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Whether it be an express wash or full service detailing (or an awesome golf cart), Bulldog has got you covered. Our wide range of menu services means that there are options for everyone, and we are proud to say we are the only detailing shop in town! Our wash has been open for over 37 years, and proud to have owned it for 27 of those years. All of those years of industry experience, along with staying up to date on the latest and greatest chemistry and wash technology, makes Bulldog the clear top-quality option in Athens, Georgia. Along with quality, we also value customer service. As a local owner, I make sure to be hands-on and at the wash every day. We also have reliable, friendly, and experienced employees who are always glad to help or answer any questions you need.

So stop by Bulldog Car Wash for the ultimate full-service car wash experience. Our staff and car wash professionals will treat your car like their own, and you will be thrilled once the job is completed. Your car will look brand new with our full-service wash, so be sure to stop by every month to give your car or truck the attention it so richly deserves.

— Dan Tokos -Owner

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